Multilingual Payment IVR

Expand your reach and enhance consumer satisfaction with Tratta's inbound multilingual IVR, breaking language barriers for improved collection rates.
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Fast verification
Empower users to verify their account & make payments anytime they want.
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Built for payments
Built to handle payment workflows and rules just as you would expect.
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A unified experience
Collect the payment on the IVR or send them a SMS link at their request, the IVR allows them to pay anyway a consumer chooses.
Fast to launch
Optimized to resolve accounts
Tratta's modern payment IVR virtualizes the online process and makes it easy for the consumer to verify, pay, and review account details with the criteria your business demands.
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    Connect to the Payment IVR
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    Select a language in the voice menu
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    Verify the account
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    Confirm payment
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INTEGRATED and ready to go
Complete cross-channel solution
Tratta's payment IVR can accept payment over the phone and direct the user into their account online, via text message, after they've authenticated for increased trust.
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    Ensure that the consumer is paying by the rules set for your company on their account.
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    Using the verification on the consumer input on the phone, you can access you account with a passwordless text message to your device.
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Launch a payment IVR in minutes

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Multi language
Trattas Payment IVR is deployed in multiple languages right out of the box, so you don't need to worry about the consumer being confused when they call in.
Real-time updates
Get immediate payments directly into your reporting and the consumers ability to see the transaction online, right after they pay on the IVR.
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SMS enabled
Tratta's Payment IVR can take a caller through the account verification process, prompting them to accept a SMS, and sending them to their account via passwordless sign in the Tratta online portal.
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Cross-channel tracking
Know within the admin console that someone called in, paid, or was transferred to an agent - it even allows the consumer to go directly into the portal.
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