Reporting and Analytics

Leverage real-time data and analytics for strategic decision-making, optimizing collection strategies and tracking performance.
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real-time reporting

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Data-driven strategies
Get deep insights into payment trends and consumer behavior, enabling more effective collection strategies.
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Real-time monitoring
Allows for immediate response to changing patterns, maximizing collection opportunities.
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Performance tracking
Identify successful tactics and areas for improvement, ensuring continuous optimization of collection processes.
Dynamic strategy adaptation
Facilitate the ability to adapt strategies in real-time, enhancing collection effectiveness. Manage everything quickly and effectively, with no downtime.
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    Create reports on demand
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    Manage everything from a single interface
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    Adjust as you see fit with no wait time
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Continuous process improvement
Provide clear metrics for assessing the success and areas for improvement in collection processes. Pinpoint which collection tactics are most effective and scale them while adjusting others.
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Payment transactions
Create virtually any and every report you and your team needs to reconcile your payment transactions.
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Payment plans
Get your daily payment plan from a high level to compare the frequency trends and reconcile with your system of record.
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Customer updates
Get demographic updates, from new phone numbers to emails and even opt-ins, so you know how to reach the consumer best.
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Payment schedule
See your projected revenue by viewing all postdates immediately. Grow and manage your payment plans here.
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Consumer and account analytics
See the entire consumer journey. From the entry URL to the exit and everything in between. Track your online RPCs, measure your campaigns, and tie them all together in one global view.
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Dispute management
Manage your online disputes from the time that a consumer creates one until you can validate the debt. Give consumers the reassurance that it can all happen in one place.
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