Customization & Flexibility

Adapt swiftly to market changes with a customizable console, tailoring collection approaches for maximum efficiency.
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Features of this product

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Customize organization’s visual identity and branding elements.
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Payment Settings
Manage your organization’s payment settings. These will be used for all payments.
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Settlement Offers
Create dynamic settlement offers for any line of business quickly.
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Manage notifications sent to you and your customers.
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Manage Users
Create new users, customize user permissions and remove users from your account.
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Consumer Portal
Manage your consumer portal settings.
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Legal Policies
Manage your organization’s legal policies which appear as links in the footer.
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Property Labels
Manage your organization’s property labels for consistency across all channels.
Agile and responsive, at your fingertips
Quickly implement changes in strategy or approach, staying ahead in dynamic collection environments. Adjust your payment settings, settlement offers, and more without any delay or downtime.
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Efficient management
Streamlines administrative tasks, focusing resources on strategic collection efforts. Do not wait for a ticket to be responded to or updated with the freedom to make changes on the fly and see immediate impact.
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