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Tratta is the premier platform proven to transform consumer engagement data into payments by enabling personalized, data-driven campaigns that optimize payment conversions and efficiency.
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Industries we serve

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Collection Agencies
Efficiently streamline debt recovery with Tratta's robust, consumer-focused self-service and payment platform.
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Law Firms
Empower your legal collection strategy with comprehensive, compliant data management and seamless, multilingual payment solutions.
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Creditor Issuers
Maximize pre-default collections by enhancing consumer engagement with tailored, scalable digital strategies and transparent analytics.
How InDebted grew U.S. self-serve payments by over 1,861% with Tratta
InDebted, an Australian collections agency, expanded into the US market through its acquisition of Delta Outsource Group and aimed to introduce its digital-first collections approach to the US market. However, they encountered challenges due to Delta's legacy manual processes and the absence of consumer self-serve options, leading to inefficiencies, a subpar customer experience, and stunted revenue growth...
1,861% growth in self-serve payments & 2x increase in account placements
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