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Growing U.S. self-serve payments by over 1,861%

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Growth in self-serve payments
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InDebted, an Australian collections agency, expanded into the US market through its acquisition of Delta Outsource Group and aimed to introduce its digital-first collections approach to the US market. However, they encountered challenges due to Delta's legacy manual processes and the absence of consumer self-serve options, leading to inefficiencies, a subpar customer experience, and stunted revenue growth. A comprehensive digital transformation and rebranding were necessary to align Delta with InDebted's innovative standards and enhance overall operations and customer satisfaction.


InDebted partnered with Tratta to realize a digital-first strategy to match their global brand. The collaboration introduced a seamless consumer self-management and payment portal, enhancing customer autonomy in managing and settling debts by integrating digital communication methods like email and SMS, InDebted optimized outreach, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

Further advancements included leveraging Tratta's pre-charge off feature, which steered more consumers to utilize the portal, facilitating more effective debt settlement and offering adaptable payment arrangements. These strategic moves yielded rapid improvements in collection efficacy and reduced charge-offs.


With Tratta, InDebted accelerated its entry into the US market with expanded digital channels and record results:

Growth in self-serve payments
Account placements from clients
InDebted provides a debt collection software that allows customers to effectively manage the repayment of their overdue accounts.
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